TBLeague PL2017-105 – Silver Huntress (SHCC Exclusive)Deluxe

TBLeague PL2017-105 – Silver Huntress (SHCC Exclusive)Deluxe


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Item # : PL 2017-105
ETA : Feb 2018

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Part List

1) right boots with armor
2) left boots with armor
3) armor to protect right arm
4) armor to protect left arm
5)waist armor
6) back armor
8)right hand to hold sword
9)left hand to hold axe
10) wrist armor
11)arm armor
12) shoulder armor
13) neckerchief
14) neck rope
15) neck strap
16) head sculpt
17) helmet
18) sword
19) axe
20) 1pair x raglan sleeve
21) 1x left fist
22)left hand to be nature
23)1x right hand to hold knife
24) 1x right hand to hold sword
25) 1x left hand showing two fingers
26)1x base
27)1x cappa
28) 1x female seamless body in medium breast size
29)Â1x chest guard
30) 1x protective bottom

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 7 in


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