SA9015 Star Ace Kong vs Skullcrawler twin set (Normal version)


SA9015 Star Ace Kong vs Skullcrawler twin set (Normal version)


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eta: December 2020

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“If Kong is the god of Skull Island, then here comes the devil..”

The Monsterverse™ brought us Kong: Skull Island which revitalized the King Kong story and added new and dangerous monsters to the mythos, including the vicious Skullcrawlers.  This new 32cm vinyl figure set has Kong facing off against one of these giant creatures.  Kong uses the propeller of a wrecked boat as a weapon as the Skullcrawler rears back to back.  This piece is meticulously sculpted to show the rage in Kong’s face, with detailed hair and the scars on his chest..  He is painted by hand to bring out all the incredible nuances of his expression and recreate the realism that makes the figure look alive.  The Skullcrawler is on a base that simulates it emerging from the water to attack Kong from below.

 (with Kong & Propeller x 1 + Skull Crawler x 1 with base)

BAR CODE : 4 89705 788 915 5

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in


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