POP-BGS005 POP Toys 1:12 Beab Gelo Kahn Figure


POP-BGS005 POP Toys 1:12 Beab Gelo Kahn Figure


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eta: January 2021


The POPTOYS team introduce the new 1/12 series of [Bean-Gelo] today to all of you after a year of design and development. This series of products from the world view setting, to the finalization of the original painting, production and research and development and finally being presented to you.
The series of [BEAN-GELO] aims to interpret the history of World War II in a humorous and fanciful way, which has a profound impact on all mankind. We will set each character’s own character, attribute, hobby and specialty, no matter is leaders or officers and soldiers.
At present, there are more than ten original figures in the series of [BEAN-GELO],including the states of United States, the Soviet Union and Germany. The characters in the second part, the third part and the fourth part of the series will also meet with you soon! Hope the series of [BEAN-GELO] can make more players feel that toys can have fresh vitality.

Product List:
Head Carving*2
1/12 Body*1
Hand Shape *6
Military Uniform*1
Leather Boots*1 Pair of
Belts*1 Military
Cap* 1
Iron Cross Medal * 1
Telescope * 1
Map Pack * 1
Ruger Pistol * 1
Pistol Holster * 1
Red Wine Bottle * 2
French Fighting Dog * 1
Bracket * 1

Bar Code Number: 6971281620413

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in


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