KLG-R018B KongLingGe 1/6 General of Han Exclusive Version


KLG-R018B KongLingGe 1/6 General of Han Exclusive Version


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eta: January 2020

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Product Background:
KLG never stop its steps for more competitive and creative products for their fans. The new products 1/6 General of Han figure finally came out after almost 1 year time revising and improving. This product is made by 200 pieces new “Y” shape lamellar armors and “fish scales”shape lamellar armors which were made by new molds, all the armors were weaved by hands. The helmet was been revised 3 times and made by 7 steps process for perfect and reality feeling, the material includes leather\ aluminum \bronze. There will be both Regular and Exclusive version, the brocade shirt and hammer included in Exclusive version only. Thanks for your collecting!
Product Includes:
1. head x1
2. body x1
3. hands (pairs) x3
4. coat(print for reg/brocade for ex) x1
5. underwears+pants x1
6. helmet x1
7. breast armor x1
8. shoulder armor x1
9. arm armor x1
10. leg armor x1
11. monster head on shoulder x1
12. monster head on waist x1
13. heart protecting mirror x2
14. shoulder liner x1
15. waist wrap cloth x1
16. sword x1
17. scabbard x2
18. bow x1
19. arrow x5
20. bow bag x1
21. arrows bag x1
22. leather boots X1
23. hammer (for ex version only) X 1
24. waist belt x1
25. page hammer (for ex version only) x1

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 7 in


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