IQO-91007 IQO Model 1/6 WWII 1944 Ronan-do


IQO-91007 IQO Model 1/6 WWII 1944 Ronan-do


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eta: November 2021


Product lists

-one(1) 1/6 simulation head carving

-one(1) Movable entity

-eight(8)Pieces of Interchangeable Palms


-one(1) Trousers

-one(1) Jacket

-one(1) Hat

-one(1) Cap

-two(2) Shoes(dermal)

-two(2) Leggings(dermal)

-one(1) Belt(dermal)


-two(2) White gloves

-one(1) Helmet (metal)

-one(1) helmet cover

-one(1) Wind mirror

-one(1) Cartridge case

-one(1) Kettle(metal)

-one(1) Glove bag

-one(1) Type 44 cavalry gun (metal, wood, bolt can be pulled)

-one(1) Type 32 cavalry knife(metal)

-one(1) Black figure stand


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 7 in


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