HH-FD009B Hot Heart 1:6 Ms. Valentine 2.0 Classic Version


HH-FD009B Hot Heart 1:6 Ms. Valentine 2.0 Classic Version


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eta: 1st quarter of 2022


Product Details:
One head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression(countenance of looking straight ahead)
One newly developed specialized body approximately 28 cm tall (notseamless body)
One blue strapless
One white T-shirt
One black short skirt
One pair of high boots
One pair of black silk stockings
Three pairs of interchangeable hands
One pair of wristbands
One police beit
One set of black belt and suspender
One matal-dagger
One set of sheath
One set of pistol
One set of holster
One set of M3 shotgun
One badge
One set of walkie-talkie

(The set only came with a complimentary moveable action female body,The pictures being shown is using the TBleague female seamless body-S17B,which is not include in the set,and the suits are fitted with this type.)

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 7 in


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