COO-SE022 COO Model Oda Nobunaga 1/6 Figure Deluxe Version

COO-SE022 COO Model Oda Nobunaga 1/6 Figure Deluxe Version


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ETA: November 2018

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The 1/6th Oda Nobunaga Collectible Figure Specially Features:
One (1) realistic head sculpture of Oda Nobunaga with magnetic topknot
One (1) action body
Eight (8) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms
One (1) red jubbah (underwear)
One (1) white kosode (coat)
One (1) black kakuobi (waist band)
One (1) pair of gray hakama (trousers)
One (1) pair of black tabi (socks) with waraji (sandals)
One (1) blue and gold kabuto (helmet) with melon heraldry
One (1) black tiger menoshitabao (mask)
One (1) suit of blue and black gusoku (armor)
One (1) pair of blue kote (vambraces)
One (1) pair of gold haidate (cuishes)
One (1) pair of black and gold suneate (jambeaus)
One (1) gold and white seno (armor tie)
One (1) katana (long sword)
One (1) red katana scabbard
One (1) wakizashi (short sword)
One (1) red wakizashi scabbard
One (1) teppo (matchlock gun)
One (1) gunnbai (general fan)
One (1) round figure stand
One (1) armor stand
One (1) armor box
One (1) katana stand
One (1) teppo stand
One (1) white war flag with coin heraldry
One (1) flag stand
One (1) display stage
One (1) backdrop of tiger
* 80% the Japanese armor parts is built of die cast alloy

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 7 in


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