3Z0188 Threezero Info: FigZero 1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA


3Z0188 Threezero Info: FigZero 1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA


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eta: December 2021



–           1/6th scale, approximately 31.6cm (12.4″) tall

–           Materials: PVC, ABS, die-cast zinc alloy, metal parts

–           Original body with over 47 points of articulation

–           Exquisitely detailed paint application

–           LED Light-up features at the eyes, Tiga Crystal on the forehead, and the Color Timer at the chest. *

–           Comes with threezero original weapons (a sword and guns)

–           3 gun pieces can be combined to form a large fire arm “Slam DUNK”


– threezero original weapon “Spark Lens Blade”

– threezero original weapon “GUTS HYPER Custom”

– threezero original weapon “carbine conversion parts”

– threezero original weapon “GUTS Submachine Gun”

– 5 pairs of exchangeable hands (1 pair of fists, 1 pair of opened hands, 1 pair for holding Spark Lens Blade, 1 pair for holding guns, 1 pair for Zeperion Beam shooting pose)

* Requires 4 x AG1 Button Cell Batteries (batteries not included)

BAR Code:  4897056203068

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 7 in


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